Updating the Matlab license file

The long-running Matlab triad license servers (license04, license05, and license06) will be retired December 11, 2014. They will be replaced by the concurrently running single server license12.

Please update your Matlab license file with the one located here (right click and save as). This license file will ensure that your Matlab network installation accesses the new license server and will prevent a disruption of service once the older servers are retired later this fall.

NOTE: Standalone installations require no further action since they do not require network access to run. To determine if you are using a standalone or network installation of Matlab, simply disable your computer's network connections and launch the Matlab application. If Matlab launches successfully, you are using a standalone installation and no further action is required. If Matlab fails to launch, you are using a network installation and need to update your license file, as instructed below.

There are several ways to update your license file:

From within Matlab

  1. Download the new license file (right click, save as)
  2. Launch Matlab
  3. Under the Help Menu, Select Licensing, Activate Software
  4. In the MathWorks Software Activation window that launches, select Activate manually without the internet or No internet connection required
  5. Using the option to Enter the full path to your license file, select Browse
  6. Browse to the new downloaded license.dat file
  7. Click finish to complete

Manually replacing the license file contents

  1. By default the license file will be located in the Application Data folder on Windows or the user's home directory for all other operating systems. For example, on a Mac, the license file should be located in Matlab/licenses/.
  2. Replace the contents of the license file (e.g., network.lic) with the information in the new license.dat file. Be sure to avoid adding any extra characters or carriage returns.
  3. For more details about where the license files for Matlab are located, see http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/99147-where-are-the-license-files-for-matlab-located.
  4. Save the file to complete.
If you have any questions about this, please contact the Software Licensing group at https://help.caltech.edu (request type IMSS > Software Licensing & Distribution > Matlab Inquiry).