HPC Cloud Service

IMSS offers a High Performance Computing (HPC) pay-as-you-go service in the cloud. With Caltech's HPC service, faculty and research groups who do not want to expend financial resources on physical cluster hardware and infrastructure now have the opportunity to run on a IMSS supported HPC platform.

There are two cluster queues available both utilizing high speed 10GiB network interfaces, low latency QDR non-blocking Infiniband and access to a high speed parallel file system. Head nodes are virtual and can be sized to meet the needs of an individual researcher or an entire research group.

  • M40 Queue – 1560 cores
    • Intel Westmere 2.9Ghz
    • 12 physical cores per compute node
    • 48GiB of memory per node/4GB per core
    • QDR low latency Infiniband
    • 10GiE high speed Ethernet
  • H30 Queue – 3200 cores
    • Intel SandyBridge 2.6Ghz
    • 16 physical cores per compute node
    • 64GiB of memory per node/4GB per core
    • QDR low latency Infiniband
    • 10GiE high speed Ethernet
  • GPU Queue
    • 7 Nvidia K40 GPU Nodes
    • 2 K40 GPUs per node
    • 64GiB of memory per node
    • QDR low latency Infiniband
    • 10GigE high speed Ethernet

Applications range from open source products such as NAMD and StochKit to privately licensed applications such as FDTD's Lumerical and Matlab (2015a). Additional application installations are available upon request.Note: If you intend to run licensed software where no campus-based license server has been provided the application usage may be subject to additional fees. Please contact help-hpc@caltech.edu with any questions regarding license usage on the cloud service.

The HPC cloud service runs a parallel high performance file system allowing researchers to provision anywhere from a single Gigabyte to many Terabytes upon request.

A campus PTA and list of IMSS account names/emails addresses are required to get started. Once PTA and emails are provided each user will receive an individual confirmation email containing information on how to connect to the cluster. New users will be provided 500 free* core hours with which to test the cluster at no risk. A free debug queue for testing job submission scripts will also be provided. Billing will occur at the end of each month.

Get Started
To start using the Cloud HPC cluster contact us at help-hpc@caltech.edu or visit the help system at https://help.caltech.edu (request type IMSS-->High Performance Computing) with an interdepartmental account number (PTA/poeta) and a list of IMSS user accounts to enable. Campus UID‘s with funds attached can be provided in lieu of a PTA for individual projects.

* 500 free core hours apply to non-gpu compute nodes only