Runaway unauthorized print jobs

Many networked printers here and at other sites are exhibiting problems in which the printer spews out all of its available paper with printed gibberish.  This appears to be an unintended side effect of a network attack tool in recent use, which searches for unsecured FTP services.  Some printers include an FTP service by default, and certain models react badly when they receive improperly-formated network traffic via FTP.  

IMSS does not recommend leaving networked printers exposed to the public Internet, since typically there are a variety of abuse-prone services enabled on such printers.  If your printer is not behind a firewall and does not have built-in access controls that allow you to restrict access at the network level, consider asking IMSS to block your printer at the campus network perimeter.  If you absolutely must leave your printer accessible to the public Internet for some reason, at minimum configure it to require a non-default password for FTP connections, and expect that it may occasionally be subject to abuse.

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