Caltech maintains a site license for LabArchives, which is an electronic lab notebook that allows you to organize all of your laboratory data (text, spreadsheets, PDFs, Prism projects, and more). Data can then easily be located by keyword, user, or date, and can also be shared with specific individuals or groups.

LabArchives Electronic Notebooks are accessible with your access.caltech credentials.
To begin using LabArchives:

  • Go to or (click Customer Login)
  • Select California Institute of Technology as your institution and then enter your access.caltech username and password when prompted.
  • You will then be prompted to either login with an existing LabArchives account, which you can link to your access.caltech credentials, or create a new account.
  • After either linking your existing account or creating a new account, your subsequent logins to LabArchives will take you directly to your electronic notebook.
  • For security purposes you should never enter your access.caltech username and password on a LabArchives page unless you have already selected California Institute of Technology as your institution from the drop down menu.
  • Once you have selected Caltech from the drop down menu, the log in page will look like this:
  • In order to securely end your LabArchives session, please remember to QUIT or EXIT your browser entirely after logging out.

If you have any questions with using your LabArchives notebook, please refer to the Quick Start Guide Classroom Edition or Professional Edition, or contact LabArchives for support. LabArchives support can be reached at (800) 653-5016,, via online chat, and also through the LabArchives online Help section under the Support tab.

If you have any questions or issues with your access.caltech credentials, please contact the Caltech Help Desk (, 626.395.3500).


LabArchives Caltech Edition is virtually identical to the Professional Edition, with two exceptions: 1) The ability to publicly share data has been removed, you can still share data with specific individuals or groups but cannot assign a public URL; and 2) The ability to email to your Inbox has been disabled. (These two exceptions are necessary to comply with Caltech legal and security policies.)