Setting Up Email Filters

Exchange email rules are used to carry actions on emails meeting certain criteria. Some example Exchange email rules include:

  • Move messages to another folder
  • Copy messages to another folder
  • Forward the message to another address
  • Permanently delete the message

Creating Office 365 Exchange Email Rules in Outlook Web

  • Log in to Outlook Web at
  • On the Microsoft log in page type (USERNAME = access.caltech username)
  • You will be redirected to the Caltech log in page
  • Enter your access.caltech username and password
  • Now it Outlook Web, click on the Settings wheel and select Options

  • In the Navigation menu on the left, select Inbox rules under Mail > Automatic processing
  • In the Inbox rules window, click the + button to add a new rule
  • In the New inbox rule window, enter the following:
    • Name: something descriptive for your rule (e.g. delete messages from
    • When the message arrrives, and *: select the action you want to take, for example:

  • Now, type the email address that you want to take action on and click Ok. For example:

  • Do the following *: select the action you want to take, for example:

  • For addtional information on creating Exchange email filtering rules, click here.