Tips & FAQ

Best practices for using Office 365 Exchange email & calendar:

  • To minimize potential errors, run the most recent versions of operating systems and software on all computers and devices connecting to accounts and calendars
  • Limit Delegates to the minimum number needed—less than 4 is recommended
  • Set end dates for all recurring meetings
  • Do not add attachments to recurring meetings
  • Avoid forwarding or copying meetings
  • Always set email clients to send Windows-Friendly attachments, and add attachments at the end of email message text whenever possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view a shared mailbox and/or calendar that I have delegate access to?

  • Currently, you can only view a shared mailbox/calendar that you have delegate access to using the Outlook application for Windows or Mac, or via Outlook in a web browser (OWA).

My email messages are sometimes formatted with many different fonts, sizes, and styles. Why is that?

  • Outlook will also, at times, alter the original formatting of messages you compose and exchange with other users, resulting in emails with different sizes, styles and fonts for text. This issue has been brought to Microsoft’s attention and is apparently going to be addressed in a future update. Extensive documentation of the way in which the problem occurs and discussion of which clients/operating systems are affected can be found in this thread.

How can I ensure that I send Windows-friendly attachments from Apple Mail?

  • To change your Apple Mail settings to send “Windows-Friendly” attachments, choose Edit > Attachments, then make sure Always Send Windows-Friendly Attachments is selected (has a checkmark). For a specific message, click the Attach button in the toolbar of the message window, then make sure Send Windows-Friendly Attachments is selected (if you don’t see this checkbox, click Options).