Baseline Software Update Service

Protect your computer and data by keeping your Mac or PC's OS and essential software up to date with IMSS' Baseline Software Update Service. This service is ideal for those looking for a basic level of support without the full-service cost or user restrictions of Managed Computing.

The Baseline Software Update Service includes:

  • Patches and updates installed during regular maintenance windows for the following operating systems and applications:
    • Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
    • Java, Adobe Acrobat & Reader, Firefox ESR, Flash, and Office
  • An annual 30 minute office visit to perform a security check, which includes:
    • Installing and updating antivirus software if necessary
    • Enabling Windows update and making firewall recommendations
    • Configuring appropriate user access
  • Standard Help Desk support, with first hour free
  • Retaining full administrative control of your own computer and the ability to purchase any hardware you choose

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Only computers with vendor supported versions of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X are eligible
  • Administrator access for IMSS to the computer is required
  • IMSS must have control over the configuration of the service's supported applications
  • IMSS reserves the right to perform emergency out-of-band miantenance if a severe vulernability needs to be addressed

The Baseline Software Update Service is $20/month per computer, to be billed annually, plus a one-time $60 license fee.