Message Tagging

The Mail Protection Gateway also provides optional message tagging. Some messages in your Inbox may now be flagged with the following categories in the Subject of the message:

  • [BULK]

These are some examples of what these messages Subject headings look like:

You can create "Rules" to have these messages go into different subfolders in your Inbox. Here are the steps:

  • Right click on one of the messages with the special heading. For example [MARKETING].
  • Select Create rule...

  • In the New inbox rule window, delete the first two conditions, by clicking on the X on the left

  • You should only have a condition : It includes these words in the subject...

  • Click on the [MARKETING] subject in red (highlighed in the image)

  • Using the pencil edit feature, update the phrase to only read [MARKETING]. Click Ok

  • In the Do all of the following section, leave the option to Move the message to folder...
  • Click Select one...

  • Right-click on your Inbox and select Create new subfolder

  • Give your folder a name, select that folder (e.g. Marketing) and click Ok

  • Verify your Inbox rule settings and click Ok

  • New emails with the flag [MARKETING] in the Subject, will be moved to the specified folder (Inbox > Marketing).

You can repeat these instructions for any of the other flags: [BULK], [SOCIAL NETWORK], [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE]

Removing Message Tagging from the Subject Line

If you would like to remove these tags from your Subject lines, please submit a ticket via (request type: IMSS > Email & Calendar > Mail Protection Gateway).

  • [BULK]

Please note, that we will NOT be able to remove protection tags such as:

  • [Possible Phish Message]
  • [Possible Malware Message]