Possible Malware Messages - Rewritten URLs

The Mail Protection Gateway help identify messages with potential malware. Some messages in your Inbox may now be flagged with the following category in the Subject of the message:

[Possible Malware Message]

Messages that contain a suspicious URL, will be rewritten in the body of the message, by Cisco. For example:

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a Cisco page that will automatically re-direct you to the Cisco Security page. 

Cisco will run a check on the URL to determine if it is malicious. 

Once the check completes, you will be asked if you Trust/Don't Trus the site. You should only select "I trust this site", if it is a known site to you.

If you select, I don't trust this site, you will be helping Cisco add to their database of mailicious sites.