Wireless Access to Caltech Visitor

Prospective students and their families, vendors, alumni, and other visitors may use the Caltech Visitor network for wireless access while at Caltech. 

Visiting faculty, staff, and students from participating institutions may access eduroam while at Caltech. For information about eduroam, click here.

Caltech Visitor Features

  • Unencrypted guest network 
  • 1.5 mbps
  • Reauthentication required every 48 hours 
  • Access to web and email

How to connect

If you have a mobile phone that can receive a text message:

  1. Open WiFi Settings and select Caltech Visitor 
  2. Open a web browser and go to www.caltech.edu
  3. Enter your name, email address, and mobile number with a leading "1" when prompted
  4. Go to your phone's text messages to retrieve your password 
  5. Go back to the web browser to enter your password
  6. Accept the terms of use and click Register
  7. Your device will connect to Caltech Visitor

If you do not have a mobile phone that can receive a text message:

  1. Visit the Help Desk located in Room 204, Central Engineering Services (building 85)
  2. Provide identification (driver’s license or passport) to receive a password
  3. On your device, open WiFi Settings and select Caltech Visitor
  4. Open a web browser and go to www.caltech.edu
  5. Click on "Already have an account? Sign in" at the top
  6. Enter the username and password issued to you by the Help Desk
  7. Accept the terms of use and click Register
  8. Your device will connect to Caltech Open

For visitors attending a conference at Caltech:

If you are visiting from a participating institution and have previously connected to eduroam, your device may automatically reconnect to eduroam without any further action on your part. If your device does not automatically connect to eduroam, click here for instructions on how to connect to eduroam.

If you are not from an institution participating in eduroam, check with the conference organizer to see if  shared credentials are available for your conference. Otherwise, connect to Caltech Visitor.  


If you need assistance, contact the Help Desk (626-395-3500, help@caltech.edu, https://help.caltech.edu).