Wireless Access to eduroam

Caltech offers eduroam wireless internet service. eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows students, faculty, and staff from participating institutions free internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions.

Features of eduroam at Caltech 

  • Encrypted network 
  • Access to web and email

How to Connect to eduroam at Caltech and other institutions

  1. Open WiFi Settings
  2. Select eduroam 
  3. Enter your username (in the format username@yourinstitution.edu) and associated password. Specifically, Caltech users will enter access.caltech credentials in the format shown below:

  4. Click Join
  5. Click Trust to accept the security certificate
  6. Your device will connect to eduroam

eduroam is available in 89 territories worldwide. Visit https://www.eduroam.org/where/ for a list of institutions that provide eduroam service.


For assistance, please contact the Help Desk (626-395-3500, help@caltech.edu, https://help.caltech.edu).