Add your Caltech email account to your Gmail

Google allows you to add other accounts you own to your Gmail account, allowing you to send emails from your Caltech email account through Gmail’s interface. Before changing you SMTP settings, you will need to find out to which SMTP server location you are connecting. To do so, follow these steps:

Windows - Finding O365 SMTP Address

  1. Click on the Start button and type "cmd" on the search bar to open the Command window
  2. On the command window, type ping
  3. This will return an address similar to 
  4. This is the SMTP address you will need to update in the Gmail settings described below

Mac Finding O365 SMTP Address

  1. On the search bar on the top right, type Terminal
  2. In the Terminal window type, ping
  3. This will return an address similar to
  4. This is the SMTP address you will need to update the Gmail settings described below

Updating Gmail SMTP Settings to Connect to Office 365

  1. Log in to Gmail in your web browser, and click on the gear in the upper right to visit the settings for your account:

  2. On the settings page that loads, select the “Accounts and Import” section, and click on the “Add another email address you own” link:

  3. This will open a new window where you can enter your name and Caltech email address. If you have an alias or other preferred Caltech email address, you can enter that in the Email address field. Leave “Treat as an alias” checked to ensure your mail is properly delivered, and click “Next Step”:

  4. Next, you will input the SMTP server for Caltech (follow instructions above to find out the SMTP server name) and choose Port: 587, using TLS for the connection security. After adding your access.caltech username (in the format and password, click “Add Account”.
    NOTE: It may take several attempts to enter your username and password if you receive a Gmail authentication error.

  5. Next, a window requesting a you click a confirmation link in an email sent to your Caltech email account, or enter the confirmation code in the appropriate entry field, to verify the connection to your Caltech will open:

  6. Please check your Caltech email for the link or code, which should look like the following:

  7. After clicking the link or entering the verification code, your Caltech account will be listed on the “Accounts and Import” section. Here you can make any changes to the account, or set it as the default email sending address:

  8. You will be now be able to compose and send messages from either Gmail or your Caltech email addresses: