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Internet Explorer 8 and Acrobat Functionality

In our testing effort, we have found that versions of Internet Explorer (IE8) and Adobe Acrobat (version 8.4 – 9.x) impact the functionality of the Caltech Data Warehouse. IE8 affects exporting of files to Excel and opening the cubes. Adobe Acrobat version 8.4 – 9.x affects the printing of reports. If your computer is managed by IMSS, the appropriate updates will be installed for you; no additional action is required. If your computer is not managed by IMSS and you use IE8 or Adobe Acrobat version 8.4 – 9.x, please click here for instructions on how to resolve these issues.

To get started, register for a training session. Upon completing training, you will be able to login to the Caltech Data Warehouse with your access.caltech username and password.

NOTE: Firefox 3.x is the only recommended browser for MAC users.
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