Cognos Data Warehouse

The Cognos Data Warehouse is a reporting tool that gathers and analyzes data from the central administrative systems. It takes huge amounts of data from various source systems and converts it into meaningful information. The datamarts are described below:

  • HR Datamart
    The Human Resources (HR) Datamart consists of essential personnel and salary information from Oracle Applications' Human Resources module. Information in the HR Datamart includes detailed information on employees' information such as name, address, assignment(s), organization, and salary information.
  • Grants Accounting Datamart
    The Caltech Grants Accounting (GA) Datamart consists of essential financial reporting information from the Oracle Applications Grants Accounting module. Information in the GA Datamart includes financial summaries; expenditure and commitment details; and installment, funding, and budgeting data.
  • FAMIS Datamart (Facilities)
    The Caltech FAMIS Datamart consists of essential Facilities information from the FAMIS system. Information in the FAMIS Datamart includes Capital Project cost analysis, work order detail, labor utilization, equipment history, and building maintenance costs.
  • Labor Distribution Datamart
    ‚ÄčThe Labor Distribution (LD) Datamart consists of essential labor schedule and distribution information from Oracle Applications' Labor Distribution module. Information in the LD Datamart includes detailed information on employees' labor schedules, labor distributions and adjustments. The LD Datamart is updated on a nightly basis.



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