Access & Education

To obtain a user account for the Caltech Data Warehouse, you will need to complete the Caltech Data Warehouse Access Request process. You are required to submit a separate Access Request Form for each datamart that you need.

To obtain access to the Caltech Data Warehouse, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Obtain your manager's authorization.
  2. Download the appropriate Caltech Data Warehouse Access Request Form and follow the instructions on the form:
    • NOTE: These forms are incompatible with Firefox 3.6. Please use Internet Explorer to access these forms.
    • General Datamart Access Request Form (CLAS, FAMIS, GEMS, General Ledger, Labor Distributions, Purchasing/Accounts Payable)
    • Grants Accounting Datamart Access Request Form
    • Human Resources Datamart Access Request Form
    • Please note: The HR Datamart consists of essential personnel and salary information from the Oracle Applications' Human Resources module. Much of this data is sensitive and/or confidential. For this reason, access to the HR Datamart is carefully controlled. Only individuals with legitimate business needs will be approved for access to the HR Datamart.
  3. Register online for Caltech Data Warehouse Training.
  4. After you complete the training, IMSS will activate your access to the Caltech Data Warehouse.

If you are not sure how to begin this process, you may contact the IMSS Help Desk (x3500), send an email to the Data Warehouse team (, or call Beverly Allen at x6077.