Catalina Housing Network Services

As part of the general Voice & Data Refresh Project, IMSS has addressed a number network issues in the Catalina apartments. As of Febrary 2011 we have:

  • Upgraded all wired ports to support 1Gb/s.
  • Installed the Caltech Wireless network throughout the Catalinas. All access points have been mounted external to occupant rooms. Wireless coverage is now provided for the a, b, g, and n standards. This is the first housing complex to have the a and n standards and the first implementation of n on campus
  • We anticipate upgrading the uplink between the Catalinas and campus to 10Gb/s by summer 2011.


The Catalina Housing Facility run by Caltech Housing Services provides campus network connections for all occupants. There is one network port per bed space. All apartments have been wired to CITnet 2000 standards. The network is now fully operational providing autosensing 10/100/1000 Mb/s connectivity to residents.

Network Cables/Patch Cords

Residents are responsible for providing ethernet patch cables. They can be purchased from Caltech Wired or other sources.

Users are encouraged to obtain patch cables that are rated for 1Gb/s network speeds. They should be labeled "cat 5e", "cat 6" or better. It's a good idea to periodically unwind any twisting that has occurred.

Network Policies

Please review the campus network policies page. IMSS will block hosts which are in violation of our network policies or have been compromised by a hacker or malicious software.

IP Address Assignments

All housing networks are provided IP addresses via DHCP. If you have multiple computers at your residence, you may wish to purchase a personal firewall or router to share the single IP address with multiple machines. You can configure your router to be assigned an IP address via DHCP.

If you wish a static IP address, please read the requirements listed at The Caltech IP Address Space page. IP addresses will be checked quarterly and reclaimed if not in use or used by someone they are not assigned to. Please do not set up a static configuration with an IP address received via DHCP. Doing so will disrupt the network and may cause your computer to be blocked.

Additional information about IP addresses and hostnames can be found at The Caltech IP Address Space and the Domain Name Service.

Wireless Networks

Please do not attach wireless networks to the campus network. With the deployment of IMSS wireless throughout the Catalinas, personal wireless access points and routers can and will disrupt wireless service for everyone.

Access points and other devices which are found in violation of our network policies will be blocked from accessing the network.

For more information on using the Caltech wireless network, please visit our Wireless Networking At Caltech page for additional information.

Technical Support

Before requesting technical support, please make sure you are using a new or known working patch cable.

If you run into a problem where your computer cannot access the network, please contact the Help Desk at x3500 or at (request type IMSS-->Network, Wireless & Remote Access-->Cannot connect to-->). Please include the following information:

  • What is the IP Address for your computer?
  • What is the MAC (hardware) address of your computer?
  • What OS you are using?
  • Did you receive an error message. If so, what?
  • Are you running a personal network/router/firewall/hub/switch/wireless access point?
  • Who you are and where are you located (name, address, apartment number, phone number, email address)?
  • If you are using the wired network, the complete ethernet jack number from your wall plate. In the illustration below, there is a 7 digit number at the top of the wall plate. On each jack, there is a 2 digit number. We will need both the 7 digit number, and the 2 digit number above the jack your computer is plugged into.

Many problems can be solved in real time. If you are calling, it is best to be in front of your computer while you are on the phone.

In the event we need to make a house call, you need to be present in order for us to assist you.

For legal and safety concerns, house calls must be scheduled with the Housing Office, so there may be a slight delay before we arrive at your door.

Please note that we will make appointments for normal business hours only.