Email Forwarding Service

If you choose not to read email using your access.caltech account, we ask that you set up forwarding to an address where you actually read your email. That way if there is ever a problem with your account, we can easily get in touch with you.

To set up email forwarding:

1. Go to and log in with your access.caltech username and password.

2. Select "Change email settings (forward, vacation, etc.)"

3. In the Forwarding section, change the setting of "Forward all mail to another address?" from No to Yes, and decide if you want to keep a copy of each inbound message in your IMSS account or simply forward the mail without keeping a copy.

Note that if you choose to keep a copy in your IMSS account, your IMSS inbox will fill up until you clean it out by removing messages you don't need. Only select "Yes, keep a copy" if you plan on doing routine clean out of your IMSS inbox. Inboxes which grow out of control with unneeded email without being cleaned out regularly are an unnecessary burden on our mail system, and impact the availability of mail storage for other IMSS users.

4. Enter the full email address where you will be reading your email into the "Destination address:" box.

5. Submit changes.

6. Log out of

Note that if you have forwarding set up at the time your IMSS account is deleted, by default we provide inbound email forwarding for one year after the account deletion date as a courtesy service; this allows you to alert all of your correspondents of your change of address and the retirement of your email address.