Sending Email to Everyone at Caltech

There are a number of ways to communicate information to the Caltech community. They include email, print mail, and other methods described below.

Directory Mailer system

To send email to the campus community, or to a pre-defined subset, the Directory Mailer system is available to approved and trained "Gatekeepers". To find out who your "Gatekeeper" is or for more information, please contact Graphic Resources at If you would like to request access and you already know your Gatekeeper please complete an access form and send a signed copy to IMSS Information Security (MC 1-10). Upon approval your Gatekeeper shall provide you brief but necessary training required to use the system.

ION Caltech

Ion Caltech is a weekly, internally focused, opt-out newsletter in which information on news, announcements, and events is curated from content that can be found on Caltech Today and the Caltech home page. See for more info.

MailChimp and Zookeeper

Please contact IMSS for information on how to send campus mailings using MailChimp. Submit a request at (request type IMSS > Email & Calendar > Other).

Other Methods to Notify Campus of News