Information for Inbound Summer Program Students

IMSS provides each summer program-only student with a summer email account, and automatically assigns usernames that are based on the student's name. These accounts are removed from our systems in the autumn; however, we offer inbound email forwarding for one year following the end of a student's summer at Caltech. To activate this service, please go to our online account utilities site and configure your email forwarding settings by the end of summer.

When you arrive on campus, you can pick up your account information sheet. This will contain your username and password, and login instructions.

SURF, MURF, Space Grant, PGGURP, USRP, Amgen Scholars, LIGO participants: Contact the Student Faculty Programs office.

CBSSS participants: Contact the CBSSS program administrators.

Before using our system, please familiarize yourself with our general account information and password information.

Caltech Policy on Computer Ethics

Caltech provides computer resources to assist members of the Institute community in the pursuit of education and research. These resources are intended to be used to carry out the legitimate business of the Institute. As is the case for the use of other Institute property, faculty staff, and students who use campus computing resources should be guided by the Institute's Honor System, which prohibits any member of the community from taking unfair advantage of another.

Some examples of inappropriate use are: harassment of other users; destruction or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to others; disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications; violations of computer security systems; unauthorized use of accounts, access codes, or identification numbers; use of facilities in ways that intentionally impede the computing activities of others; violation of copyrights and software license agreements; violations of another's privacy, and academic dishonesty.

Inappropriate uses of Institute resources may result in administrative discipline up to and including separation from the Institute. In addition, illegal acts involving Institute computing resources may result in prosecution by state and federal authorities.

For more information about IMSS and Caltech policies, see Information Security Policiesand Student Affairs Policies and Procedures.