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A21 Codes Codes within Oracle Grants Accounting that are derived from an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal Circular (OMB A21 or Cost Principles for Educational Institutions) that establishes the principles for determining the costs applicable to grants, contracts, and other government agreements with educational institutions.

Access By Award Access to an award provided to an Oracle Grants Accounting or Webster user on an award-by-award basis. Access by Award is provided by giving a user a Role on the award.

Access By Organization Access to an award or project provided to an Oracle Grants Accounting or Webster user based on the organization that has the award or project.

Access By Project Access to a project provided to an Oracle Grants Accounting or Webster user on a project-by-project basis. Access by Project is provided by giving a user a Role on the project.

Access By Role Access to an award or project provided to an Oracle Grants Accounting user on a award-by-award or project-by-project basis. Access by Role is provided by giving a user a Role on a single award or single project.

Access By Task Access provided to an Webster user on a task-by-task basis.

Alias The alias is an unique, abbreviated identifier for the unique Project, Task, and Award (PTA) combination. Certain sites on campus use business software that cannot accommodate the use of the PTA. As a workaround, a table has been created that will use a number that can be entered into the peripheral systems and translate into PTA in order to feed the charges to Oracle. The only sites using only the alias are the Mail Services and the Athenaeum.

ASI Award Status Inquiry

AutoCreate Afunction in Oracle Purchasing Module that takes a requisition line(s) and automatically creates a Purchase Order. This saves retyping and possible errors. It is also a time saving feature for the buyer.

Award The term award has been used predominantly to identify a grant, contract, or other agreement derived from a sponsor. In the Oracle Grants Accounting environment, the concept of an award will be expanded to encompass all funding sources at the Institute.

Award Management Data Award-level information regarding applicable terms and conditions, funding source contact information, cognizant individuals, funding history, etc.

Award Status Inquiry (ASI) Provides budget and expenditure status by award, including all projects associated with the award. Information given is redundant to that in Project Status Inquiry.

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Blanket Order Agreement A type of purchase order one issues before requesting actual delivery of goods or services from the same supplier, over a predetermined period of time, at negotiated prices, terms and conditions.

Blanket Order Release An actual order of goods or services that is issued against a blanket order agreement. The release specifies the actual quantity and dates ordered for the item(s).

Budget Defines estimated cost and revenue amounts for a given range, periods, and set of books. Users can have multiple budget versions for the same set of books.

Budget Status Information Information within the Data Warehouse regarding budgets, expenditures, encumbrances, available balances, and burn rate.

Burn Rate Rate at which appropriations have been expended against an award. A 12-month rolling total of available balance may be used to calculate this rate. This rate is frequently used in projecting when funding will run out. It can also be used as a benchmark to compare against actual expenditures in the future.


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Check Order Status The process of querying on a purchase order or invoice to check the status of where the order stands (i.e., date when order was placed, has the invoice arrived, etc.). This can be accomplished by using the Web Supplier responsibility.

Commitments Used synonymously with encumbrances. Commitments comprise all approved and pending approval requisitions, purchase orders, and supplier invoices. Commitments are viewed in status inquiry forms (ASI and PSI) and in Webster status views.

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Data Warehouse Repository of enterprise-wide data; typically comprises many subject areas. Caltech has two data warehouses: Webster and Silo.

DW Data Warehouse

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E.A.R.L. Form A web-based interface that reads information from Oracle HRMS and allows changes to certain employee data to be submitted for entry into Oracle.

Edit The ability to new data or update certain existing data in an application.

Encumbrance An entry into Oracle Grants Accounting made to record anticipated expenditures of any type.

EI Expenditure Inquiry

Expenditure Costs incurred by a project.

Expenditure Inquiry (EI) Provides detailed information on each expenditure item, by award, by project, and by task.

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FAMIS Facility Administration and Maintenance Information System

Function Codes Codes within Oracle Grants Accounting that descibe the function of an expenditure for financial statment reporting. Examples of Function Codes include Organized Research, Instruction, and Student Aid.

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HRMS Oracle's Human Resources Management System

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Internal Charges The web-based form that replaces the material transfer form. There are two different forms for recharges: 1) a form for POETA recharges; 2) a form used only for personal charges.

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Key Members Those individuals assigned a role on a project or award.

Kronos Kronos is third-party software that tracks schedules, non-exempt employees time worked, and assists in processing payroll for staff on the bi-weekly payroll. This system collects information directly from input devices as well as manual entries collected from a printed report. It also calculates the employees actual worked hours and non-worked hours. Leave exception time will also be tracked for exempt employees using Kronos. This information is sent to Oracle HRMS via Paymix.

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Managing Inventory To receive and issue stock or inventory. In order to do this within the Oracle Inventory Module, a user must have the Stockroom Supervisor access.

Material Transfer See Internal Charges. The transfer of charges from one organization to another. Pre-Oracle, this is accomplished on a paper form and is sent to General Accounting.

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Oracle Grants Accounting Oracle Grants Management. Oracle Grants Accounting is used to track activities on Awards and Projects. It allows you to monitor budget, expenses and revenue on financial accounts, e.g., grants, contracts, general budget, etc. You can create work breakdown structures to monitor and manage projects.

Oracle Grants Accounting Management View View of Award Management Data.

View by Organization View of Award Management Data for all awards assigned to a given organization.

View by Role View of Award Management Data for all awards for which an individual has been assigned a role.

Oracle Grants Accounting Status View View PSI, ASI, and EI information

View by Organization View Award Management Data, PSI, ASI, and EI information for all awards assigned to a given organization

View by Role View Award Management Data, PSI, ASI, and EI information for all awards for which an individual has been assigned a role

Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS) NEED DEFINITION

Oracle Inventory Module NEED DEFINITION

Oracle Payables Module An integrated part of the Oracle Financial applications. The Payables Module is for supplier invoices and travel payments.

Oracle Purchasing Module An integrated part of the Oracle Financial applications. The Purchasing Module is for ordering goods or services from external sources.

Order Status The status of a purchase order, i.e., date when order was placed, has the invoice arrived, etc. This can be accomplished by using the Web Supplier responsibility to query on a purchase order or invoice.

Organization Caltech operating unit or department for financial accounting purposes.

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P-Card Purchase Card

P-Card Access Provides access to the Passport system. Passport has been modified to support POETA. Once the P-Card Orders are reconciled, they will be imported into the Oracle Payables Module and turned into invoices for payment to the credit card company. Once imported to Oracle Payables Module the invoices will be viewable through Web Supplier.

P-Card Invoices Purchasing Card Orders that have been imported into the Oracle Payables Module for payment to the Credit Card Company.

P-Card Orders After a purchase is made through use of the Purchase Card, the cardholder must enter the order into Passport for reconciliation.

Passport An application for entering and reconciling orders that have be purchased through use of the Purchase Card. Passport has been modified to support PTA.

Payroll Sign-Off Final signature, electronic or otherwise, that prevents further edits on previous payroll periods.

Physical Plant Work Order Physical Plant's application FAMIS creates a Work Order for service requests. These Work Orders track labor and materials for charging back.

PTA A combination for Oracle Grants Accounting information (Project - Task -Award), which enables a transaction to be posted to Oracle Grants Accounting and autoaccounted to the General Ledger.

Primary Receipt The primary receipt is acknowledgment that a package or letter has been received at campus. The people in the stockrooms and on the receiving dock will utilize this receipt. A user will need to have access to the packing slip in order to complete this receipt within the system.

Project A project refers to a major activity for which the fiscally-cognizant individual monitors budgets and accumulated costs. A project is a discreet activity for which one specifies revenue and billing methods, invoice formats, a managing organization and a project manager. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can further segregate a Project's activities into several Tasks.

Project Management Data Project-level information regarding cognizant individuals (Key Members), resource list assignment, task listing, A21 Codes and Function Codes assigned.

Project Status Inquiry Information on a given Project. Information includes project-specific billing milestones, status os invoices paid against the project, commitments (by Expenditure Type; Expenditure Number; Supplier Name; or Supplier Number), Key Members, A21 Codes, Function Codes, resource status, and task status.

PSI Project Status Inquiry

Purchase Order A contractual vehicle between an entity and a vendor for purchasing goods or a service.

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Receipt NEED DEFINITION, including what it means to "Enter Receipts."

Receiver A person who enters a receipt for procured goods and/or services.

Requisition NEED DEFINITION, including information defining the difference between "Create" and "Approve."

Requisitioner Any person who may place Purchase Order requests for your area. The Requisitioner will fill out the order form for the item(s) using Web Requisitions. The Requisitioner will then forward the requisition to their designated Requistion Approver. Note: A PTA must be filled out before the order can be forwarded.

Requisition Approver This person will have the same access as the Requisitioner, plus the authority to Reserve the funds and Approve the order.

Resource List Oracle Grants Accounting term for budget categories.

Role Functions that people perform in award or project activities. Award roles include Principal Investigator, Award Assistant, etc. while Project roles include Project Manager, Project Assistant, etc.

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Secondary Receipt The delivery acknowledgement of an item. When a package is delivered to a location, the Receiver will be responsible for the final receipt at the user location. In order for the receipt to be completed, the Receiver must match the item(s) in a pacage with the actual receipt. Note: Payment to vendors cannot be made in the Oracle Payables Module unless the item is received.

Standard Receipt A receipt routing in which shipments are received into a receiving location, and then delivered in a separate transaction. Goods must be received and delivered in separate transactions within the Oracle Payables Module.

Stockroom Supervisor A user who will have access to the Oracle Inventory Module to receive and issue stock and inventory.

Supplier Invoices Payments owed to outside vendors for goods and/or services.

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Task A task identifies an activity for which a user wants to separately budget or monitor costs. Tasks allow a user the ability to further define a project into separate functions for which the user can separately budget and monitor expenditures. A user has the ability to define top-level task definitions for all project types.

Time Collection Report A printed form utilizing information from Oracle and Kronos. This is used to agther time, leave and effort for non-exempt staff and leave and effort for exempt staff.

Time Keeping Management See Kronos.


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View Award/Project/Task Status, Budget Info, Expenditures See Oracle Grants Accounting Status View

View Supplier Invoices A read-only view of supplier invoices in the Oracle Payables Module.

WBS Work Breakdown Structure

Web Employees Employee self-service to HR transactions such as benefits and address changes. Web Employees will not be implemented during Phase I.

Web Expense A web-based form used to enter travel expenses.

Web Requisitions A web-based form to enter orders to be purchased.

Web Supplier A web-based form that provides a read-only view to all purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and checks. This tool was created with the intent of having vendors log into the web page and view status of all of their orders/payments. The security is set up to allow vendors to view only their orders. However, the Campus will limit security only to the Caltech Domain and use this view for internal use only. This will give the Requisition Approvers immediate status of their orders without having to phone the Acquisition Department.

Webalog An application utilizing blanket order agreements with certain vendors for frequently purchased items. Webalog has been modified to support PTA.

Webalog Access Provides access to the Webalog system. Webalog has been modified to support PTA. Several times a day the releases will be imported and AutoCreated into a Blanket Order Release in Oracle Purchasing Module. The Webalog order number will convert to the release number in Oracle.


Webster Warehouse Especially Built for STrategic Enterprise-wide Reporting. A traditional data warehouse, one of the two main components of Caltech's data warehouse system.

Work Breakdown Structure The method of structuring a given Project activities into discreet tasks for the purpose of cost accumulation and monitoring. A Project must have at least one task in the WBS; but may have more tasks if desired. These tasks can be further broken down into related subtasks.

Work Order In the new administrative business systems, Work order is a term utilized only by Physical Plant and will refer only to certain service requests performed by that operation. other campus activities requiring discreet cost accumulations related to a given larger body of work will be Tasks to projects in the Oracle Grants Management Module.

Work Order Manager The person responsible for overseeing a Physical Plant Work Order.