Wireless Locations

Six Aruba mobility controllers are distributed throughout campus in order to distribute the load evenly among the controllers. The controllers are on generator-backed power, are in different physical and logical portions of the network, and are providing redundancy for each other. The status of each controller is given below.

  • Powell-Booth - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.
  • Moore - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.
  • Broad - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.
  • S. Mudd - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.
  • Sherman Fairchild Library - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.
  • Cahill - Controller is installed, powered up and configured.

The table below represents our best estimate of how we will proceed to install the necessary infrastructure throughout campus. This is intended as a guideline only and is not a commitment to perform the work at the indicated time. It is subject to change without notice.

Building Cable
ITS Wireless
March Schedule
Braun Lab
Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL)
Millikan Library
IMSS - 263 Chester
April Schedule
Avery Center
Winnett Center
Chandler Dining Hall
Beckman Institute
Tolman-Bacher House
Baxter Hall
S. Mudd Laboratory
May Schedule
Center for Student Services
Broad Center
Broad Cafe
President's Residence
Alumni House
Einstein Papers Project
DMC Trailer
Industrial Relations Center
IRC Annex
Audit Services
Security/Credit Union
Treasurer's Office
June Schedule
Noyes Lab
Keck Lab
Arms Lab
Lloyd House
Page House
Ruddock House
Blacker House
Dabney House
Fleming House
Ricketts House
Catalina Rec. Rooms
July Schedule
Crellin Lab
Gates Annex
Mead Lab
Braun House
Marks House
Admissions (Steele House)
Central Engineering Services
Human Resources
Physical Plant Shops
Campus Planning
August Schedule
Bridge Annex
E. Bridge
W. Bridge
Firestone Lab
Braun Gym
Brown Gym
Keith Spalding Building
Central Plant
Young Health Center
September Schedule
Beckman Lab (BBB)
Sloan Lab
N. Mudd Lab
Audio Visual Services
AV Building
Beckman Auditorium
Public Events Office
Public Events (DCAA building)
Public Events Office Annex
Theater Arts
President's Events House
Music House
Public Relations
Media Relations
Satellite Plant
Holliston Garage
October Schedule
Church Lab
Karman Lab
Spalding Lab
Financial Services
ISS House
November Schedule
Robinson Lab
Kerckhoff Lab
Kerckhoff Annex
Alles Lab
Kellogg Lab
December Schedule
Sloan Annex
Steele Lab
Dabney Hall
Jorgensen Lab
Thomas Lab
Moore Lab
Watson Lab
Guggenheim Lab Partial
USGS House N.
USGS House S.

(1) Cable Installed has multiple values depending on the status of the installation. Values are:


Floor plans and wireless access point locations have yet to be identified.


Wireless access point locations are identified and floor plans provided to the Caltech Electric Shop for installation.


Network cabling is being installed to support the wireless access points.

Network cabling necessary to support wireless access points for the building is installed, terminated and tested.


  • Satellite Plant has coverage only in the lower, office and shop floors
  • Keith Spalding has coverage only on the first floor and basement
  • Guggenheim has coverage only on the lower floors due to on-going construction on the upper floors; it will be completed after construction finishes
  • Watson NW upper floor will have coverage when the new wiring closet is built