Mobile Phones and Smartphones

The IMSS Office of Telecommunications and the Help Desk collaborateto support campus users' cellular needs, including PDAs and other combined voice/data devices. Contact the Telephone Office at x5995 to discuss your requirements.

Mobile Phones

  • Help you identify an appropriate carrier, device, and monthly plan;
  • Place your order and attach your account to the summary invoice;
  • Ensure your account includes all the services you have requested;
  • Make monthly payments;
  • Show you how to access billing information to monitor and manage your account;
  • Handle any billing disputes;
  • Assist with warranty replacements; and
  • Contact Preferred Corporate Care and Tech Support for any issues that may arise.

Note: For this assistance, IMSS charges a $50 setup feethat does not replace any carrier-specific activation or other fee.

International Services

  1. Contact us at x5995 for daily rental rates and per-minute costs for international voice service.
  2. No carrier guarantees international email or other data services.
  3. For travelers to Europe, we strongly recommend that you make use of internet cafes for data needs. These cafes offer data services at a fraction of the cost of an international mobile device.