Tips and Tricks

Query Studio Rules
To get accurate and consistent results from a Query Studio Report, these rules should be followed in sequence:

Choose one Query Subject for the report
Drag over an individual Query Item (such as Award, Project, or Funding Source)
Add the desired filter for the Query Item.
Add additional query items and filters, if desired.
Add measures.

Drag measures first.
Drag items from different Query Subjects. Drag whole subjects.
Remember, when drilling through from cubes to reports, your measures should match. For example, when drilling to detail from the GL balances cube, the measure for your cube should be "Net Amount".
Reports in Excel Format
Ensure that a Pop-up blocker is not preventing the window from opening. Also, enable the "Rely on CSS for font formation" in the Excel application.
  • Open Excel application and go to Tools -> Options.

  • Click the General tab and select Web Options.

  • Under the Browsers tab of the Web Options, check the "Rely on CSS for font formation" checkbox.
Exporting Excel Data
IMSS solely recommends exporting Excel data in 2002 format.
"Hover Over" feature
Hover your mouse over the box with the blue circle in it in order to get a brief description of the report.