International Travel with Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices – International Travel Hints

If you are planning to travel internationally and would like your Caltech liable cell phone/mobile device to work, please contact the Telephone Office at least one week before your departure date. We can:

  • Confirm that your device will work at your destination(s). We also offer international loaner phones (voice services only) in the event that your device is not designed to work on international frequencies.
  • Contact your wireless carrier to enable international roaming and international long distance. PLEASE NOTE – per minute charges of $0.99 to $4.99 will apply for all calls made and received while traveling internationally. Depending on your carrier, packages may be available that will reduce the per minute charges.
  • Help determine your international data/email needs and add the appropriate plans to reduce costs.

All International Plans

Voice and data plans can be added and removed as needed. Plans should be left in place until the end of the billing cycle after your return to make certain all international roaming charges post to your account while the plan pricing is in effect.

For additional information, contact the Telephone Office at x5995.