Lower Cost Voice Options

The Telephone Office offers two services that can substantially reduce the cost of making cell phone calls while traveling internationally. Neither service allows you to use your existing mobile number.

GSM Phone
We have a number of GSM phones that you may borrow at no charge for international travel. Upon arrival in a GSM country outside the U.S., go to a mobile phone store and request a GSM sim card. You will be able to purchase a card that will have a mobile number for the country you are traveling in, along with prepaid mobile minutes. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can find plans for as low as $0.07/minute. You will need to notify anyone who may need to reach you of your temporary mobile number. Callers in the U.S., including callers from campus, will be charged the international per minute rate for your destination. For more information, please contact the Telephone Office at x5995.

We currently have a Cel-Trek GSM sim card with a local (area code 626) number activated on it. We can provide this card along with a GSM phone for your use while traveling. You would still need to notify people of your temporary number, but your callers would not pay for international calls when contacting you. The rates vary by country, and are different for incoming and outgoing calls. All usage would be charged to your PTA. For more details, including the ability to check rates by country, click here: