About IMSS Telecom

About Us

The IMSS Telecom team members are:

  • Dawn Boyd, Director, Voice and Data Networks
    • Telephone Office:
      • Adolfo Gaona
      • Nelson Henriquez
      • Victoria Lopez
      • Esperanza Solorzano
      • Maria Solorzano
    • Telephone Shop:
      • Alex Avila
      • Donald Phillips

Telecom History

  • October 1972 - "new" switchboard installed. All external calls were placed through the operators, totaling 3,000/day. If the switchboard wasn't staffed, calls could not be completed to or from outside Caltech. Staffing totaled 5 full-time operators plus supervisor, and 7 part-time student operators. Hours of operation were 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. M-F, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on "floater" holidays. The campus area code is 213 and the prefix is 795.

    See the original 1972 VIP newsletter containing an article about the "New Telephone Facilities." Click image for PDF.

  • 1980 -- Campus prefix changed to 356.
  • 1984 -- Pasadena area code became 818 from 213. Campus prefix remains 356.
  • 1993 AT&T Definity G3r PBX leased and installed and financed as a fair market value buyout lease from AT&T Credit Corporation (later Avaya Financial Services). Campus prefix changed from 356 to 395. DID calling (direct to extensions from off campus) became available.
  • Local voice services provided by FX lines to Pac Bell Central Offices (CO's) outside our immediate calling area. These were installed during the days of high cost local toll calling.
  • Between 1993 and 2004 switch and voice mail systems were expanded and upgraded as necessary. Some upgrades were financed, generating new schedules on our lease. Others were paid for up front.
  • 1997 -- 818 area code is split, new campus area code is 626.
  • 1998 PBX capacity increased by addition of EPN in Chester (ATC).
  • June 1999 PBX partitioned to allow campus callers to dial 4 digits and get the Athenaeum for dining reservations. The tie-line previously used to communicate between Athenaeum and campus was removed. Costs for programming, equipment and telephone sets related to the Athenaeum were financed as a schedule on our lease, but invoiced and paid separately.
  • 2001 JPL tie line upgraded to T1.
  • Ported our DIDs to AT&T Local Services in August 2001 for substantial monthly cost savings. Pac Bell FX lines to CO's were removed.
  • March 2002 - IPAC converted to campus telephone services (previously were using Centrex services with mileage from JPL). Current revenue from IPAC voice mail boxes is $16K annually. PBX capacity increased by addition of EPN in Broad.
  • Summer 2004 - Upgraded G3r to be "IP ready" in preparation for installation of seamless voice services at CIT^2
  • Summer 2005 Voice extension at CIT^2 installed.
  • May 2006 Converted Avaya lease to $1 buyout
  • May 2007 Completed PBX lease buyout for $1 final payment.