Student Instructions

General Login

  • To log into the Courses web site, you will need to have an an active access.caltech account. At the login screen, type in your username and password.

Course Main Page

  • The Main Page is in a three column format. The Course Listing is in the center of the page, broken down into three categories:“Current Term”, “Pre-Term”, and “Archive”. If you are looking for a course from a previous term, you will need to look in the Archive. Otherwise, look for the course in its appropriate academic group.
  • For example, if you were going to enroll in a course offered in Applied & Computational Mathematics, you would click on the “ACM” hyperlink Course category.

Course Listing Page

  • Each academic group course list page looks something like this.
  • Here you can see the course number, the course title, and the faculty member or instructor teaching the course. To enroll in a class, click on the course number.

CourseEnrollment Key

  • Most courses in the Courses site are locked, and require an enrollment key to join. This key should be provided to you by your instructor.
  • When you are prompted, simply type in the key, and you‘ll be automatically enrolled in the course.

MainCourse Page

  • Each course page includes three columns.
  • The first column includes administrative links: changing your profile, hotlinks to other courses in which you are enrolled, active participants in the particular class.
  • The second column includes the News forum and the Weekly outline, which includes the Homework surveys (if your class is participating in the campus homework survey project), assignments, and other resources that may be provided by your instructor.
  • Finally, the third column shows reminders, recent news, and a log of the most recent activity.

Homework Surveys

  • If your class is participating in the homework survey project, you‘ll be asked to fill out the survey weekly. Clicking on “Homework survey week ‘N‘” in the previous page will open the survey.
  • Filling out the survey is fairly easy, simply select the radio button indicating how many hours you spent on each assignment, enter any additional comments in the comment field, and click on the “Submit questionnaire” button.