Cell Phone Reception Problems

Problems with cell phone reception should be reported directly to thecarriers. Be prepared to give them your mobile number, identifywhether the account is in your name or on one of Caltech's summaryaccounts, and give either Caltech's main address or the nearest crossstreets. Here are the numbers to contact:

  • AT&T Mobility - 800-331-0500 (Tell them you are reporting a coverage issue)
  • Sprint - 888-788-4724 (Tell them you want to file a coverage deficiency report)
  • T-Mobile - 800-375-1126 (Tell them you need to file a service request complaint)
  • Verizon - 800-922-0204 (Tell them you need to file a coverage deficiency report)
Please note: coverage is not expected in Caltech's basements andsub-basements. Use these phone numbers to report coverage issues on Caltechgrounds, or in buildings not including basement areas.

Other Options
AT&T iPhone

If you are using an AT&T iPhone, Talkatone is a free app available from iTunes you might want to consider. You will register for a new phone number using Google Voice. When you are in areas with poor AT&T coverage but good Wi-Fi signal (most campus buildings including basements and sub-basements) you can make and receive calls through Google Voice with Talkatone. Please note that the phone number is different than your AT&T mobile number. For more information, click here:


You may wish to purchase one of T-Mobile's BlackBerry devices that includes UMA wi-fi. This feature allows you to register the device with Caltech's wi-fi network (Beavernet). When cell phone coverage is inadequate, calls will automatically transfer to the wi-fi network. The specific BlackBerry models include:
  • BlackBerry Curve (8320, 8520, 8900)
  • BlackBerry Pearl (8120, 8220)
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700