Remote Help

IMSS now offers a Remote Help tool that allows you to remotely share your Windows or Mac desktop with our Help Desk support team. For most issues, this tool allows us to assist you without having to make a site visit, as a result, problems are resolved faster and more efficiently.

Please note that the Remote Help tool can only be initiated by you, not by IMSS. You must launch the Remote Help tool from your computer and request our support for us to gain shared access your desktop.

This new tool is ideal for:

  • Assiting campus users with computer issues that are difficult to describe via email or over the phone
  • Assisting campus users whose computers are not regularly managed by IMSS
  • Assistance while traveling or working from home

Using Remote Help is simple. To use the tool:

  • Please contact the Help Desk at x3500 (626.395.3500 from off campus) or submit a supportrequest at (select request type IMSS-->Desktop Support). A member of the HelpDesk support team will arrange a time to assist you with your issue using the Remote Help tool.
  • Ensure that your computer is able to connect to the internet.
  • When you are ready to share your desktop, click on the appropriate link below, login with your access.caltech username & password and download the Remote Help tool.
  • The Remote Help tool runs without installing any software on your computer. Once downloaded, double click the tool to begin.
  • When launched, the Remote Help tool will display a 9 digit session ID. Once you provide this ID to the IMSS team member who is helping you, you can share your desktop with them and they can assist you with your issue.
  • Upon resolving the issue, you can safely delete the Remote Help download tool from your computer. Again, no software is installed when using this tool, so nothing needs to be uninstalled.


  • Does Remote Help work with Linux?

The Remote Help tool does not support Linux at this time, but support may be offered in the future.

  • Will this work over the Caltech Wireless network?

Yes, Remote Help will work over the wireless network.

  • Do I need administrative rights on my computer to use Remote Help?

Remote Helpdoesn't install anything on your computer so itdoes not require administrative rights.

  • What should I do with the Remote Help tool after my issue has been resolved?

You can simply delete the downloaded tool.

  • Is Remote Help secure?

Yes, Remote Help offers many security features:

  • We can only use this tool if you call or email us for assistance and you launch the tool on your computer.
  • Nothing needs to be installed on your computer to use this tool.
  • The connection between your computer and the Help Desk is fully encrypted.