iPhone/iOS Client Configuration

If you haven't already done so,go tohttp://help.caltech.eduto request VPN service.
Select request typeIMSS-->Network, Wireless & Remote Access-->VPN Request Form.

Download and Installation

Cisco AnyConnect requires Apple iOS version 4.1 or later.

On the iPad, the Cisco AnyConnect app is installed through the App Store. There is no charge for the app. It can be installed either from iTunes or the iPad. A search for VPN will show the AnyConnect app.

After AnyConnect has installed, an icon will appear on the iPad Home.

Caltech VPN AnyConnect Client Overview

Tap on the AnyConnect icon in the iPad home. The main AnyConnect window will appear.

There are several areas on the AnyConnect window.

  • The right side has two graphic displays that monitor the performance of the current VPN connection.
  • The lower left area contains Status Overview information regarding the current VPN connection.
  • The Choose a connection area lists configured connections, and is used to create new connections.
  • The area in the upper left corner is used to turn the AnyConnect client off or on, and shows whether the client is Connected or Disconnected.

Create a Caltech VPN AnyConnect Connection

To create an AnyConnect connection, tap on the "Add VPN Connection ..." item in the Create a connection area. The Add VPN Connection dialog will appear. In the lower right corner is a white circle button with an i inside. Tap on the i button to see a help window.

  • The Description field will contain a name for this connection. Choose one that is meaningful to you, for example Caltech VPN. Tap on the word Required to begin entering text. A virtual keyboard will appear. As you enter text, the word Required will disappear.
  • Next, you'll enter the Server Address for the AnyConnect server you will connect to. For the Caltech VPN service, the entry will be vpn.caltech.edu. Tap on the word Required and enter the server name.
  • For the Caltech VPN service, you can leave the Network Roaming and Use Certificate items as they are.
  • The Save button in the upper right corner of the dialog will be highlighted. Tap on the Save button to create the VPN connection. Tap on the Cancel button in the upper left corner if you don't want to create the connection.
  • When the Add VPN Connection dialog has disappeared, you'll be back at the main AnyConnect window. If you created a new connection, it will appear in the Choose a connection area and have a check mark next to it.

Using the Caltech VPN AnyConnect Client

  • To use the AnyConnect client, tap on the Off button in the upper left corner. The Authentication dialog will appear.
  • In the Group field, the name of the currently selected profile will appear. You can change the profile by tapping on the profile name, and selecting the profile you want in the Select Group dialog. In general, it is preferable to use the Tunnel-Caltech-Only profile if you're only connecting to Caltech sites. If you need to connect to off-campus sites that require a Caltech IP address, then choose the Tunnel-All-Traffic profile.
  • You'll need to enter your access.caltech credentials to use the AnyConnect client. The Username field may be filled in already. If it isn't, tap next to the Username label to select the field, and enter your username.
  • Tap next to the Password label to enter your password.
  • Tap the Connect button in the upper right corner if you're ready to connect. Tap the Cancel button in the upper left corner if you decide not to connect.
  • When the Authentication dialog disappears, you'll return to the main AnyConnect window. The Off button will have changed to the blue On button. The Status Overview area will show some specific information about your current connection. The graphic display on the right side will begin to record how much traffic is being sent over the connection. You are now sucessfully connected.
  • Tap the Home button on the iOS device to return to theHome screen. You can now use email, a web browser or other applications over the VPN connection.

Disconnecting the Client

To disconnect the AnyConnect client, tap the AnyConnect icon in iPad Home to open the main AnyConnect window. Tap on the blue On button to disconnect. The On button will change to Off. Tap the Home button on the iPad to return to the iPad Home.