Connect to Caltech Wireless on iOS

Instructions for connecting to Caltech Wireless on iPhone can be found here.

IMSS recommends using BeaverNet since it is the most secure of our wireless networks.

If you have trouble connecting to BeaverNet, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500. Alternatively, you may still use the Caltech Guest or Registered wireless networks.


Enter Wi-Fi Settings

To connect the iPad to any of the Caltech wireless networks, first choose the Settings icon on the Home screen.

Next, on the left side of the screen, choose Wi-Fi.

On the right side of the screen, notice the Wi-Fi button. If it is Off, choose Wi-Fi to turn it on.

There will be a list of wireless networks. You should see the three Caltech wireless networks. There may be other wireless networks as well.

Connecting iPad to BeaverNet

To connect to BeaverNet, choose Caltech BeaverNet.

You'll be prompted to enter your access.caltech.credentials.

As you enter your password, you'll notice that the Return key changes to Join. When you have finished entering your password, choose the Join key to establish a BeaverNet connection.

Next, you'll be prompted to accept the network certificate. The screen will indicate and Add Trust External CA Root as in the illustration.

Choose Accept to accept the certificate and establish the BeaverNet connection.

If the connection is successful, you see the Settings screen again. There will be a check next to Caltech BeaverNet on the right side, and the Wi-Fi item on the left side will indicate Caltech BeaverNet. You can press the Home button and begin to use the iPad on the network.

Connecting iPad to Registered

Note: To connect the iPad to the Registered network the Wi-Fi address must be registered with the wireless network to connect.

To locate the Wi-Fi address, choose General on the left side of the Settings screen. Then choose About on the right side of the screen.

In the About section there is an item labelled Wi-Fi address. It is a series of twelve characters separated by colons. Be sure to note the Wi-Fi address and not the Bluetooth address. They look the same but are used for different purposes.

To register your iPad for the Registered network, there is a web form at

Fill out the required information. In the field labeled MAC Address, enter the Wi-Fi address from your iPad. MAC address and Wi-Fi address are the same.

You'll receive a confirmation email when the Wi-Fi address has been registered.

To connect to the Registered network, navigate to the Wi-Fi section of Settings. Choose Caltech Registered.

When the connection is complete, a check mark will appear next to Caltech Registered on the right, and Caltech Registered will appear next to Wi-Fi on the left.

Connecting iPad to Guest

To connect to the Guest network, navigate to the Wi-Fi section of Settings. Choose Caltech Guest.

When the connection has been established, there will be a check mark next to Caltech Guest on the right, and Caltech Guest will appear next to Wi-Fi on the left.

To complete the Guest connection, press the Home button to go back to the Home screen. Choose Safari. You should see the Caltech Guest network Welcome web page as below. If not, browse to any web page. The Welcome page should appear.

To use the Guest network, accept the User Agreement by clicking on the Continue button.