Connect to Caltech Wireless on Android

IMSS recommends using BeaverNet since it is the most secure of our wireless networks.

If you have trouble connecting to BeaverNet, please contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500. Alternatively, you may still use the Caltech Guest or Registered wireless networks.

Enter Settings

To connect the Android to any of the Caltech wireless networks, first choose the Settings icon on the Home screen.

In the Settings panel, choose Wireless & Networks

From the Wireless & Networks panel, choose Wi-Fi.

In the Wi-Fi panel, you should see the 3 Caltech wireless networks. There may be others.

Connect to BeaverNet

To connect to BeaverNet, choose Caltech BeaverNet.

You'll be asked for some information: For EAP method, choose PEAP.
For Phase2 authentication, choose MSCHAPv2.
For Identity, enter your access.caltech username.
Enter your access.caltech password in the Wireless password field. You may need to scroll the screen to see the password field.

When you've entered the information, choose Connect.

After a brief interval, the phone should indicate that it has connected.

Connect to Registered

To use the Registered Network, you'll need to locate the MAC address of your phone:

Go to Settings, then Wireless & Networks.
Choose Wi-Fi Settings.
There should be a section titled MAC address. The address is 12 characters separated by colons.
Copy that information use this form to request registration.
You'll receive a confirmation email.

To create a Registered network connection, choose Caltech Registered. The phone should indicate a Registered network connection.

Connect to Guest

To create a Guest network connection, choose Caltech Guest. The phone should indicate a Guest network connection. To complete the Guest network connection, open the phone's web browser, and choose any web page. The phone will be redirected to the Caltech wireless network web page. Click on the Continue button to accept the User Agreement. You may have to scroll the page to see the Connect button.