PTA Setup Request

PTA Setup Request Enhancements
Click here for a PDF of a summary of enhancements for PTA Setup Request made in December 2011.

Overview of Changes from 11i to R12
Click here for a PDFof a summary of changes made in the PTA Setup Request system from Oracle 11i to upgraded Oracle R12.

PTA Setup Request Mailing List
A mailing list has been created to support the users of the request system. Information of interest to this user group will be sent out including Tips & Hints and enhancement notifications. To subscribe to the mailing list, click here. Please note that passwords for the mailing list will occasionally be sent out as clear text, so do not use a password that is of any value to you.

Tips, Hints, and Issue Solutions
Click here for a PDF of Tips, Hints, and Issue Solutions. If you have ideas for other Tips and Hints, please send an email to the PTA Setup Request mailing list at