Legacy Individual Data Storage

Your IMSS (access.caltech) account grants you 1GB of free data storage on the IMSS systems. Additional storage may be purchased for a cost of $0.33/month/1GB. If you require additional storage, please contact us at http://help.caltech.edu (request type IMSS-->Data Storage & Backup-->Request Additional File Storage) or call the IMSS Help Desk at x3500. 

For an overview and comparison of our other data storage options, please click here.

Connecting to your Individual Data Storage

UNIX Cluster

The UNIX Cluster can be accessed in the following way:

Remote login

Using ssh (secure shell) from a remote UNIX or personal computer, you may connect to ssh.caltech.edu.

The system will display messages which you should read carefully when you log in. These messages may include information about changes to the system, or warnings about impending downtime.

Additional instructions are available at Connecting via UNIX and Linux.

Windows File Services

You may also access your file storage through the Windows File Services. These files reside in \\files.caltech.edu\username.

For additional instructions on how to connect from a Windows computer, please visit Connecting to IMSS Windows Servers.