About Institute Business Systems

The Institute Business Systems (IBS) organization provides technical support for Caltech‘s administrative information systems. Groups across campus use these systems to manage their human resources, finances, facilities, grants and contracts, student services, reporting, and fundraising efforts.

We further assist customers by providing the following services:
  • Consultation. We work with customers to identify administrative needs and define strategies for using technology to make processes more effective and efficient. For solutions offered by third party vendors, we can assist with technical assessment, contract negotiation, assessment of data integrity/security, and integration with existing administrative systems.
  • Solution Design, Implementation and Support. We provide end-to-end solutions to enhance our administrative systems––both custom-built and purchased applications. These include requirements specification, design, development, quality assurance testing, implementation, training, and post-production support.
Support for the Administrative Applications has been grouped according to various campus functions.

Database Group
The Database Group supports the operation and maintenance of the databases that are used by the administrative applications.
For Help
Contact us at http://help.caltech.edu (request type IMSS-->Applications-Administrative-->Other).

Financial Systems Group
The Financial Systems Group supports financial and operational applications used by the Office of Financial Services, Research Administration, Facilities, and other administrative groups across campus. These applications collectively capture and report on the information required to effectively manage Caltech‘s operations. The major systems supported by the Financial Systems Group include the Oracle E-Business suite, FAMIS for facilities management, and the Cognos datamarts.
For Help
Please send an email to IMSS IBS Financial Systems.

Fundraising Systems Group
The Fundraising Systems Group supports the Development and Institute Relations (DIR) office and other departments that need information about Alumni and donors. The Fundraising Applications provide services that support the Alumni and donor experience.
For Help
Please send an email to DIR-DG-MILL-FundraisingSystems@ad.caltech.edu.

People Systems Group
The People Systems Group supports the functional professionals in Human Resources and Student Affairs. The major systems supported by the group include the Oracle E-Business suite, Exeter Student suite, REGIS, Exeter Mail Services, CashNet, Kronos, Windstar, and the Cognos datamarts.
Oracle‘s Human Capital Management (HCM) system enables HR and Payroll professionals to proactively manage “people” data and payroll requirements that demand compliant and accurate financial controls. The Exeter Student suite provides Student Affairs professionals with the IT tools that complement and enhance the Caltech student experience. Student Affairs offices use various IMSS services ranging from Financial Aid to Athletics and Mail Services. The People Systems Group provides business systems analysis and software development to support these systems and to create and implement new applications.
For Help
Contact the IMSS Help Desk at x3500 or at http://help.caltech.edu (request type IMSS-->Desktop Support->Other).
IBS Project Management Office
The IBS Project Management Office (PMO) supports the IBS organization as a whole. It is responsible for the processes and procedures that allow IBS to perform its work effectively and to be successful in its mission of providing administrative applications to the campus.
The IBS PMO group is responsible for establishing best practices for software development and ensuring that they are applied consistently throughout IBS. The group provides methodology and management tools for projects, multi-project status reporting, change management tools and procedures, software development standards, quality control standards and procedures, and the promotion of competency enhancement. IBS PMO studies industry-wide software project management standards and applies them as appropriate to the IBS organization. The group provides services in the areas of project management, test coordination, and documentation.
For Help
Please send an email to IMSS-PMO@caltech.edu.