Warning for forwarding email to Gmail and other email service providers

Due to the continual increase of spam email and other malicious content, many email service providers have begun enforcing tighter restrictions for sending and receiving mail.

Gmail spam management has grown especially stricter. One result of these restrictions is that mail sent from certain domains (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Earthlink, and Gmail) may be spam filtered or outright rejected. Caltech users that forward their @caltech.edu mail to Gmail seem to be affected by this change.

IMSS is actively researching the situation and looking into options for minimizing the impact of these Gmail restrictions on our users. For users that currently forward their @caltech.edu mail to other email service providers, please consider doing the following:

1) Set your Caltech email to “Store and Forward”, which keeps a local copy in addition to forwarding. Then periodically check your Caltech mailbox for missed messages. Instructions on how to set up Store and Forward: for Office 365 users, for Caltech Exchange and Standard Unix users, please contact the Help Desk (x3500, help@caltech.eduhttps://help.caltech.edu).

2) Instead of forwarding your Caltech email, configure your destination email service to retrieve your Caltech mail. For example, Gmail can be configured to retrieve email via POP

3) Encourage your correspondents to email your destination address directly.

We will update our recommendations as more information becomes available.