Three-year "Caltech Secure" Wi-Fi Upgrade Project Now Under Way

Wi-Fi access in more than a dozen buildings at Caltech has transitioned to two new networks—known as Caltech Secure and Caltech Visitor—with more buildings to come soon as part of a three-year upgrade of Wi-Fi across campus being rolled out by IMSS.

The project will triple the number of wireless access points and increase available bandwidth while phasing out the Caltech Beavernet network. The new system will replace equipment that is more than 10 years old with new technology that can better support the demands of wireless devices including smartphones, laptops, wireless printers, and AppleTVs, says Debra Anderson, IMSS wireless replacement project manager.

"We are excited to deliver more robust campus wireless networks to meet the needs of Caltech's faculty, students, and staff. The solution we are implementing will provide additional features and improve the overall user experience," says Dawn Boyd, director of networks and operations.

To date, Sherman Fairchild Library, Spalding Laboratory, and Gates-Thomas Laboratory, as well as most of undergraduate student housing, have transitioned to the new networks. Chandler Café is expected to switch over on October 6 and the remainder of the South Undergraduate Houses are expected to be completed by mid-October. Meanwhile, work has begun to upgrade the Arms and Watson buildings, which should be complete by the end of the month. Thereafter, academic buildings prioritized by the various divisions will follow. More information about Caltech Secure and the upgrade schedule can be found here.

To connect to the Secure network in areas where it is already active, select Secure and use your Access password. For more information, visit the Caltech Secure and Caltech Visitor information pages.

For help or more information about the project, contact the Help Desk at extension 3500, email, or visit Caltech Help at  


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