Set up Out of Office

This guide ONLY applies to those using Office 365 email and calendar. If you are unsure if you are using Office 365 email and calendar, please contact the Help Desk.

Setting your Out of Office/Automatic Replies email is convenient with Outlook Web. Note that if you were previously a Standard Email (Unix) user and you set your automatic email replies in Utils, you will now need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to Outlook Web via
  • On the Microsoft log in page, enter (USERNAME = access.caltech username)
  • On the Caltech log in page, enter your access.caltech username and password
  • Now in Outlook Web on the top right, click on Settings > Set automatic replies
  • Select Send automatic replies
  • Optional: you can select a Start and End time for your automatic replies
  • Type the message you want to include with your automatic replies
  • Click Save