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Red Hat Proxy transitioning to Satellite on 2/9/2015

Effective February 9, 2015, the IMSS-run proxy server which registers campus Red Hat systems to receive updates will be retired and transitioned to a new Satellite server. In order to continue to receive RHEL updates, you will need to download a new script to register your systems to receive updates. 

Instructions on how to obtain this new script can be found on the Caltech soft...

Order Adobe CS6 software by February 23rd

Adobe will discontinue CS6 sales at the end of February. The last day to order Adobe CS6 products from the webstore will be February 23rd.

Update your Matlab license file

Effective 12/12/2014, IMSS retired the long-running Matlab triad license servers. If you are using a network installation of Matlab, please update your license file. This will ensure that your Matlab network installation accesses the new replacement license server. For instructions on how to obtain and update this license file, Bash "shellshock" vulnerability

A security problem with Bash was publicly disclosed on Wednesday, 9/24. Bash is a very popular operating system component known as a "shell" that comes with all versions of Linux and Mac OSX, as well as other systems. While this vulnerability has been present for many years, it was only discovered recently. As soon as IMSS became aware of the problem on 9/24, core IMSS sy...

IMSS recommends updating Java

Microsoft's recent Windows updates include an update to Internet Explorer that blocks older versions of Java. If you encounter issues using Java-dependent applications after applying this Microsoft update, please update your version of Java. Instructions on how to download and install Java can be found at

Additionally, IMSS recommends downloading...

RedHat Proxy Certificate Update

Caltech's RedHat certificate has expired. To resolve this, RedHat users should run the following command to get the updated SSL certificate:

curl -o /usr/share/rhn/RHN-ORG-TRUSTED-SSL-CERT

Beware Fake Microsoft "Tech Support" Phone Scams

Some campus customers are receiving calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft regarding a supposed computer problem. The callers offer to fix the problem and request remote access to the customer's computer. This is a very common scam with typical goals of installing malicious software on the victim's computer, or obtaining the victim's credit card number (to pay for the un...

Improvements for identifying spam email

IMSS has recently implemented a few changes to our spam tagging service. The word SPAM is now prepended to subject lines for spam tagged messages, which will make it easier to see that a message has been given a score that indicates it is likely spam. We also have a new rule that spam tags messages that originate from off campus, but claim to be from the IMSS Help Desk. This will also make i...

Mailman mailing lists moved to

IMSS has moved Mailman mailing lists to new infrastructure. Mailman's functionality and look and feel remain the same, however mailing list locations (URLs) have changed to with the list name appended. While website redirects have been set up so that old links continue to work, we encourage you to update your links and saved bookmarks. If you have any questions...

Matlab License Renewal

Standalone Matlab licenses expire annually on December 1. To renew your standalone Matlab license for another year, follow these instructions.

Start the activation client:

  • On Windows, go to the Start menu to the All Programs list. Select MATLAB, the MATLAB release, and then select the "Activate MATLAB" link. NOTE: We recommend starting Matlab in "ad...

IMSS recommends updating to Java 7

Several of the applications that IMSS maintains will soon be optimized to use Java 7. IMSS urges you to update to the latest version of Java 7 immediately to avoid problems with using these Java-dependent applications, as well as protect your computer from using older and insecure versions of Java. Instructions on how to download and install Java 7 can be found at Protect against CryptoLocker & other malware

There has been a recent resurgence of a type of malicious ransomware software known as "CryptoLocker." The CryptoLocker family of malicious software arrives as an email message that is intended to look like legitimate email from a known sender. The message includes a .zip attachment containing a Windows program disguised as a PDF that, when opened, will encrypt files on the victim&...

Red Hat updates are available

IMSS has resolved the issues with obtaining Red Hat updates. As of 10/17, Red Hat updates are available. If you are still unable to receive updates, please submit a support request at (request type IMSS > IO Applications - UNIX/Linux).

Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited x96 More Compatible & Secure

Due to serious security and compatibility issues with Java, IMSS recommends using Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited instead of regular Time Keeping (Kronos). Time Keeping Limited, the lighter version of Time Keeping, does not require Java and is compatible with all common operating systems and browsers. Time Keeping Limited can also accomplish the same common tasks and functions as regular Time ...

IMSS Help Desk has moved

Effective Monday, February 25th, the Help Desk and Hardware Repairs are now located in Central Engineering Services (building 85.) The Help Desk is located in Room 204 and Hardware Repairs is in Room 109. Also note that our new mail code is 200-85.

Find My iPhone

IMSS recommends using the "Find Me" function in iCloud to be able to locate your Apple mobile devices in the event they are lost or stolen. For information on how to set this up, visit

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office Professional 2013 is now available for download from Please note that Office 2013 is a major product release that include significant changes to the user interface, functionality, application/document compatibility and system performance. IMSS always aims to help our customers avoid complications that could inte...

Serious Java 1.7.x Vulnerability

A serious vulnerability has been found in Java 1.7, which allows execution of arbitrary code on the victim's computer. All that is necessary for exploitation to occur is to inadvertently visit a malicious website using a browser with Java 1.7.x enabled.

Oracle has released a new update to address this security issue, Windows 8 Now Available

Windows 8 is now available for download at Please note that Windows 8 must be activated after installation to work properly. Click here for activation instructions.

Where Are the Application Links?

As part of the IMSS website redesign, we’ve moved our applications links to the access.caltech homepage ( so all of our applications can be accessed from a single place. Note that applications status and news can still be found on the IMSS website. If you have trouble locating an application, please contact us at

Caltech VPN Compatibility with Mountain Lion

The current version of the Caltech VPN Client (Cisco AnyConnect) has, in limited testing, been found to be compatible with the Mountain Lion release of Mac OS. Users who have not connected to VPN in a month or more should establish a VPN connection to obtain the current version of the client before upgrading to Mountain Lion. Users for whom using VPN is critical may want to wait and see whet...

access.caltech Improvements coming July 27

On July 27th, access.caltech will be updated with several improvements. The list of services will be better organized so you can more quickly and easily find what you need. Clearer descriptions and additional helpful information are also being added for all services. You can view these changes on July 27th by logging in at

Fake Email from Maplesoft

Some Maplesoft users have been receiving email that indicate a new patch for Maple software is available. Recipients of this message receive an attachment called which they are asked to extract using the password MapleSecuirityUpdate1707. Please be advised that this patch did not originate from Maplesoft and should not be opened under any circumstances. A second version of th...

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Incompatible with Caltech Beavernet Wireless Network

Android users should be aware that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean fails to connect to the Caltech Beavernet wireless network. This is apparently the same OpenSSL bug affecting Linux users. Affected users will need to use the Registered wireless network until the bug is fixed. Please consider carefully before upgrading.

Matlab Toolbox Usage Survey

IMSS would like your input on the specific Matlab Toolbox licenses that you use for your Caltech work. Your feedback is essential in helping us decide which licenses we will continue to maintain. To take the survey, please visit Survey participants can enter to win a $100 gift card.