Wireless Access to Caltech Secure

Caltech is currently in the process of a complete wireless network refresh. While we work to complete the upgrades, building by building, there will be two wireless networks operating in tandem. Caltech Beavernet will be retired from each building as we roll out Caltech Secure.

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For information on how visitors to Caltech may access our guest wireless networks, see Wireless Access for Visitors to Caltech.

Caltech Secure Features 

  • Encrypted network
  • 802.11ac
  • Up to 18 times faster than Caltech Visitor wireless
  • Connect with access.caltech credentials


Anyone with access.caltech credentials can connect to Beavernet. This includes Caltech faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, retirees, and visitors who have completed paperwork with Human Resources. 

How to connect 

  1. Open WiFi Settings 
  2. Select Caltech Secure 
  3. Enter your access.caltech username and password 
  4. Click Join 
  5. Click Trust to accept the security certificate


For assistance, please contact the Help Desk (626-395-3500, help@caltech.edu, https://help.caltech.edu).