Register My Device

Personal devices that are unable to connect to ‘Caltech Secure’ such as printers, game consoles, and media devices, need to be registered. Caltech faculty, staff, and students can register and manage up to 5 personal devices.

Once successfully registered, configure your personal device(s) to connect to the Caltech Visitor wireless network. If prompted to enter an SSID, enter 'Caltech Visitor'.

Important Notes:

  • Most laptops, tablets, and phones should connect to ‘Caltech Secure’. 
  • To connect non-personal devices such as lab monitoring devices or devices installed in conference rooms or classrooms, please instead create a ticket at (request type IMSS > Network > Wireless Device Registration).
  • Data on the Caltech Visitor wireless network is NOT encrypted unless your device encrypts it by using https or ssl
  • Device registration is valid for 1 year

How to register your personal device for Caltech Visitor:

  1. Go to and log in with your access.caltech username and password
  2. Click “Create Device” button on the left side menu
  3. Fill out the form and choose any sharing options for Airplay enabled devices (AppleTVs, some printers). Need help to find your wireless MAC address?

  4. Click Create Device to complete and view your receipt
  5. Now configure your device to connect to Caltech Visitor