Downloading Software

To download software, you will need to login to the software webstore with your access.caltech account. If you do not have an access.caltech account, click here for instructions on obtaining one. Select the software that you want to download, add to cart, and checkout. Provide your billiing information, and upon completion of checkout, you may download your software immediately using the Secure Download Manager.

Most of the software on the website is free of charge to members of the Caltech community. There are a few packages that require a fee (for example: LabVIEW, Microsoft Windows Server, Tecplot ); these require a valid PTA number to obtain. The software download service is only available from computers connected to the Caltech network.

The website is run by IMSS in conjunction with Kivuto Solutions. While the software packages you download are physically stored on servers housed at Caltech, the web pages that allow access are hosted off-campus (so don't be alarmed if it appears your browser is connecting to a URL not in the domain). See the screenshots below:

Login Page (hosted by Caltech):
New login page (effective July 1, 2016):

Caltech Software Webstore (hosted by Kivuto):